PUR/PIR waste is a valuable raw material
PUR/PIR waste is a valuable raw material

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PUR/PIR waste is a valuable raw material

PUR/PIR waste is a valuable raw material

LINIREC building panels – for the sake of the environment

During manufacturing and installation of LINITHERM insulation systems, valuable PUR/PIR rigid foam waste and leftovers are generated. These are much too valuable to be thrown away.

Basically, we have two options for recycling PUR/PIR waste:

1. Material recycling – benefits instead of disposal

In connection with a new delivery of LINITHERM insulating panels, clean PUR/PIR rigid foam waste can be returned in special bags provided by us. Together with milling scrap and cut-offs from manufacturing, the waste is recycled into new panels.

All remnants of foil and fleece are removed from the PUR/PIR rigid foam waste before being shredded and pressed into pellets. The pellets are then finely ground, and using the pressure-bonding process, they are shaped into new high-grade LINIREC building panels for reuse on building sites for various purposes.

2. Energy recycling – recovering heating energy

Energy recycling is the best method for dealing with contaminated PUR/PIR waste removed during demolition, conversion or refurbishment. This modern and gentle technology meets all the requirements for environmental and health protection.

The thermal energy of PUR/PIR waste is also recovered in waste-to-energy plants without producing harmful emissions. The average calorific value of PUR/PIR rigid foam is 27 MJ/kg, which is about equal to the value of black coal.

Material recycling and energy recycling are the ecologically best methods for disposing of PUR/ PIR rigid foam waste, the key to responsible waste management, and an important contribution for resource conservation.