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LINIREC WdU profile

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LINIREC WdU profile

For manufacturing the waterproof sub-roof

For a waterproof sub-roof ...
  • Penetrations, built-in parts, linings, etc. are sealed watertight

... in perfect professional quality ...
  • LINIREC WdU profiles have angled sides
  • High mechanical strength
  • Hard
  • Pressure resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Non-rotting

... simple processing
  • For sealing, the bitumen sheet is installed on top of the LINIREC WdU profiles
  • Material is processed using standard woodworking machines and tools

Waterproof sub-roof
Size Unit of quantity

mm Unit
80 x 20 mm, long sides bevelled
and with 3 holes, for waterproof
sub-roof below the sealing
Length 2440 mm Pieces