LINIT composite panels with metal facings
LINIT composite panels with metal facings

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LINIT composite panels with metal facings

Functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics

Today's modern façade and wall construction as well as air conditioning are almost unimaginable without LINIT composite panels with facings of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass or copper. Through the great range of designer sheets and its considerable structural-physical advantages, metal has become one of the most popular planning and design elements. The panels are featured by a slim construction coupled with high load capacity and simultaneous low weight.

Balustrades and façades, storage & exhibition halls, gymnasiums. Separating walls, wall elements for cooling, ventilating, and drying applications, container construction.

Facings and functional surfaces for every design and every requirement

The metal facings of LINIT panels consist of aluminium, steel, brass or copper. For the implementation of creative ideas, traditional surface treatment methods such as anodising, colour coating, polishing, embossing, etc. are employed.

Insulation core
Depending on requirements, the insulation core can consist of the most varied materials or other combinations, such as mineral fibre for increased fire protection, PUR/PIR rigid foam for highest thermal insulation, XPS insulating material or vacuum panels (LINIT VIP):

Space-saving with maximum insulation values
Vacuum insulation panel (Lambda = 0.008 W/[mK]) provides extremely good thermal insulation in an impressively slim construction. It is no thicker than insulating glass more

High efficiency heat and heat protection (DIN 4108)
Thanks to its low thermal conductance (TCL 024 / 029), polyurethane rigid foam (PUR/PIR) offers outstanding insulation properties - decreasing heating costs in winter, less energy consumption for air conditioning in summer - and pleasant working and production conditions throughout the year balanced room climate more

Fire protection (DIN 4102)
Insulating materials based on mineral fibres meet the building inspection requirements “non-combustible”. Apart from optimum fire protection, they also have good thermal insulating properties (TCL 035 / 040). In case of higher demands regarding fire protection, e.g. in high-rise and commercial buildings, public assembly places, hospitals and schools, LINIT panels can be fitted with an additional fire protecting facing more

Soundproofing (DIN 4109)
An additional soundproofing facing plus “heavy” layers such as silicate panels, heavy-duty foils, fibre cement, etc., ensure optimum sound reduction values. Regardless of whether external or internal noise is to be lessened, the combination enables LINIT panels to achieve sound reduction values up to 50 dB more

Intrusion resistant and bulletproof
In an intrusion test conducted by the IFT Rosenheim, the basic element LINIT ALYAL (with aluminium facing on both sides, and an insulation core of PUR/PIR rigid foam) was rated as Class WK2 without any additional measures. A higher rating is possible by combining the basic element with innovative thin-film sensor technology.