LINIT composite panels with plastic facings
LINIT composite panels with plastic facings

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LINIT composite panels with plastic facings

Impact resistant and hard-wearing

The lightweight composite panels with PVC facing are extremely versatile. Thanks to their resistance to impacts and UV radiation, they are particularly suited for outdoor applications.

Balustrades, door & gate filler panels, walls of cold storage cells & warehouses, separating walls

Facings and functional surfaces for every design and every requirement:

PVC facings are available in many colours, smooth or grooved.
The white panels have identical colours with all common profile systems such as Trovidur-ESA for Rehau profiles, Kömadur-H 654 for Kömmerling profiles, VEKAPLAN-K for VEKA profiles, and VEKAPLAN special white for Salamander profiles.

Insulation core:

High efficiency heat and heat protection (DIN 4108)
An insulating core of PUR/PIR rigid foam with low thermal conductance (TCL 024 / 029) ensures highest energy efficiency with minimum constructional thickness more

Pressure resistant and moisture proof thermal insulation
XPS insulating material is featured by high insulation values, high pressure resistance, and very low moisture absorbance. The material is also flame retardant. Thanks to its good insulating properties and insensitivity to moisture, the material also finds successful use in wet areas.