LINIT composite panels with solar facings
LINIT composite panels with solar facings

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LINIT composite panels with solar facings

Façades as energy sources

The costs for the air conditioning of building are increasing steadily. The answer lies in renewable energy sources, e.g. as provided by solar radiation.
LINIT solar panels show what modern architecture is capable of. Their strengths lie in the combination of thermal insulation, soundproofing, aesthetics, and solar power generation. Solar technology embedded between two glass layers, and protected from thermal and mechanical influences, converts the sun's radiation into direct current. Several panels are connected in series (strings), and the DC current is passed to an inverter. The inverter output is an AC voltage that can be fed into the building's power supply network.

Balustrades and façades

Facings and functional surfaces for every design and every requirement:

LINIT solar panels not only serve as power generators – they are also suitable as design elements for architects. Moreover, they demonstrate the builder/owner's ecological commitment.

Insulation core:

Highest insulation values with minimum thickness
Thanks to its low thermal conductance (TCL 024 - 029 W/(m²K), polyurethane rigid foam (PUR/PIR) offers outstanding insulation properties. PUR/PIR is temperature and pressure resistant, and dimensionally stable. Polyurethane can be combined with every other insulating material more