LINIT composite panels for temperature-controlled rooms
LINIT composite panels for temperature-controlled rooms

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LINIT composite panels for temperature-controlled rooms

Higher energy efficiency when cooling, drying, and ventilating

LINIT composite panels are also available as customized wall or ceiling elements for cooling, ventilation, and dryer construction. The panels consist of a polyurethane rigid foam core that is enclosed with a metal facing. Advantage: Slim wall construction, low weight, high mechanical loading capacity, and outstanding thermal insulation.

Cooling, drying, ventilation & container construction, façades and balustrades, separating walls, furniture, exhibition booth & stage construction.

Facings and functional surfaces for every interior design and every requirement

The metal facings of LINIT panels consist of aluminium, steel, brass or copper. Depending on requirements, the surfaces can be anodised, colour coated, polished, or embossed.

PVC facings are available in many colours, smooth or grooved.

Insulation core
Depending on requirements, the insulation core can consist of the most varied materials or other combinations, such as PUR/PIR rigid foam for highest thermal insulation, or vacuum panels (LINIT VIP):

High-performance thermal insulation and protection (DIN 4108)
An insulating core of PUR/PIR rigid foam with low thermal conductance (TCL 024 / 029) ensures highest energy efficiency with minimum constructional thickness more