DBS roof building system
LITEC DBS roof building system

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LITEC DBS roof building system

The self-supporting, insulating roof building system for residential, industrial & agricultural buildings, and gymnasiums

  • Self-supporting roof building system for large spans
  • Suitable for all roof types and pitches from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Individual roof covering: Tiles, metal roofing ...
  • For slim roof structures

... in perfect professional quality ...
  • Short building time thanks to a high level of prefabrication
  • Prefabricated roof building elements to customer specifications
  • Fast installation

... for PUR(E) energy saving
  • Pleasant working conditions thanks to a well-balanced indoor climate throughout the year
  • Reduced heating costs in winter
  • Less energy used for air conditioning in the summer
  • With a highly efficient thermal insulation core of PUR/PIR rigid foam
  • Positive building biology: free of CFC, HCFC, and fibres
  • Excellent energy balance
  • Positive life-cycle assessment

LITEC DBS roof building system
Insulation core: PUR/PIR rigid foam acc. to DIN EN 13165, class E, density approx. 33 kg/m³, with mineral fleece on both sides
Facings: Inside and outside: derived wood panel, 15 mm thick
Please note: Individual factory-made parts according to construction plan, including wooden construction elements
Panel thicknesses mm
150, 170, 190
Roof building kit
Additional static calculations
Further versions and facings available on request.