LITEC energy roof
LITEC energy roof

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LITEC energy roof

The customized building system for ridged and monopitch roofs

Your benefit ...
  • With power-generating, flexible roof sheeting
  • Electric power is generated under all daylight conditions
  • No sub-structure required
  • No roofing, e.g. tiles, is required
  • With a highly efficient thermal insulation core of PUR/PIR rigid foam
  • Harmonizes with all wall structures

... Short building times and fast installation ...
  • Safe planning and short building time thanks to a high level of prefabrication
  • Customized, prefabricated roofing elements

... Install, weld, connect, and generate electric power.
  • Even on roofs that are not optimally angled or aligned, the LITEC energy roof makes effective use of the incident light.

LITEC energy roof
Insulation core: PUR/PIR rigid foam in accordance with DIN EN 13165, class E, density approx. 33 kg/m³, with mineral fleece on both sides
Facing: Inside: derived wood panel, 22 mm thick
Plastic roof sheeting outside, with integral photovoltaic modules
Please note: Individual factory-made parts, including wooden construction elements
Length: max. 13.000 mm, according to building dimensions
Width: Optimized for building dimensions, max. 2.878 mm
Output: ca. 45 Wp/m²
Thickness mm U-value [W/(m²K)]
315 0.16
335 0.14
355 0.13