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LINITHERM brochures

Over-rafter insulation

LINITHERM PAL N+F - The insulation system with minimum scrap for fast installation on the rafters
LINITHERM PAL Polymer - Optimum insulation with robust sarking membrane
LINITHERM PAL 2U - The ideal thermal insulation for “lean” roof structures in old and new buildings
LINITHERM PAL 2U Plus - The optimal thermal insulation with premium sarking membrane
LINITHERM PGV T - The diffusible insulation system for new buildings and old building renovation
LINITHERM PGV Flex - Thermal insulation at its best
LINITHERM PAL SIL T - The insulating system with an interior facing that can be rendered, painted, and wallpapered
LINITHERM PAL 2UM - Thermal insulation, heat protection and sound insulation in one
LINITHERM PGV HT - Slim and diffusible insulation with a high degree of sound insulation and thermal protection
LINITHERM PAL OSB - The insulation system under metal
With the LINITHERM over-rafter insulation system from an old roof to an energy-saving roof - Save energy costs, increase residential quality, protect the environment

Below-rafter insulation

LINITHERM PAL GK - The slim interior insulationfor perfect living comfort

Attic insulation

LINITHERM Attic insulation – Slim, light, and quickly installed

Floor insulation

Warm feet, cool head – LINITHERM dry screed boards with hard-wearing benefits

Insulation of cellar ceilings

LINITHERM PAL KD – The thin cellar ceiling insulation robust and highly effective

Flat roof board

LINITHERM – thin, light, safe – the high performance insulation for roofs with a lightweight metal construction

Insulation for outside walls

LINITHERM PAL SIL – Don't give mould a chance: space-saving insulation with LINITHERM
LINITHERM PAL W – Lean complete External Wall Insulation System for core insulation and rear ventilated facade constructions

Ceiling insulation

LINITHERM PAL S – The ideal ceiling insulation system for stables, gymnasiums, storage facilities and production halls

Universal insulation boards

LINITHERM PAL / PGV – The proven insulation system for universal application